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If a pending upgrade request has not cleared at checkin time will this add my name to the airport standby upgrade list?

Yes. Using CheckinSooner you will not have to worry about making sure your name is on the Airport Upgrade Standby list. It will always be there for all your flight segments including your departure and return.

I am an Advantage Executive Platinum / airpass / million mile flyer, etc. Why should I use your service?

If you are executive platinum and travel between Oklahoma City and Lubbock Texas, an early checkin will not do much for you. You will more than likely get upgraded since there are few executive platinum flyers going that route. However, if you live in a major metro (you probably do or you would not be reading this right now) and travel there are lots of other executive platinum flyers who will be traveling with you. When there are 10 executive platinum flyers and 5 first class seats available on a flight who gets them? Here is the answer directly from's website:

Your initial checkin time makes the difference if you get upgraded or not!

Each Monday morning, the flight from DFW to Chicago O'hare at 7:30am has 80% of the cabin as platinum executive flyers. Which of those people get upgraded? The ones that CHECK IN FIRST!

What is the AA seat polling tool?

The seat polling tool is a way to check continuously for the availability of a good seat on a flight you will be taking. Some coach seats can be substantially better or worse than the average coach seat. More information on the tool can be found here.

Who should use this service

Anyone can use this service. The seat polling tool benefits anyone, including people not eligible to be upgraded. The checkin service benefits non-elite AAdvantage members in the sense they get their boarding pass by email, but the AA checkin service has the most benefit for:

  • Elite (Advantage Gold / Platinum / Executive Platinum) American Airline flyers
  • Individual American Airline flyers who like to receive their boarding pass by email
  • People that like to change flights / standby for different flights

Exactly when does the checkin happen?

Generally the checkin happens within 1 second of American opening the online checkin window for your flight. Detailed logging of the checkin time (down to the second) is available to CheckinSooner account holders.

How do I get my boarding pass?

Your boarding pass is emailed to you as soon as it is available. Just print your email and go

What if I am not at my computer when the email comes, or what if I do not have a printer available?

Request a reprint of your ticket from an American Airlines agent or from an automated kiosk in the airport terminal.

What is the deadline for placing the order for an advance checkin?

There is no deadline. You can use the Check In Now button at anytime. Note that if your outbound flight is less than 24 hours from departure, checkinsooner will not check in the outbound flight, but will checkin the return.
If you are less than 24 hours from departure please checkin with American at for the departing flight and also checkin now with to secure the boarding pass on the return flight.

Does it work for one way tickets?


Does it work for multiple people on a single record locator?

Currently no. This functionality does exist for Southwest flights, but not for other airlines.

What departure cities does this work with?

- Checkin works with all American Airlines cities (not American Eagle only cities) in the United States.
- Seat polling works with all American Airlines cities worldwide.

Does this work with an American Airlines ticket on a non-American carrier (codeshare flight)?

Currently no. We will be upgrading and testing in the future to allow this.

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